Kicking Ass Since 1997

Since 1997 Kick Ass Media has partnered with event planners, marketing professionals, agencies, organizations and business owners across Canada and the United States.Our solutions are designed to showcase your brand, celebrate your sponsors and promote your message, both indoors and outdoors.

Our team caters solution that fit not only the need but your events constraints and budget. Whether you are throwing a charity gala, having a team building exercise or launching an amazing product we have got you covered!

Chris Crawford

Founder & Fearless Leader

Allison Junop

Sales Mastermind

Jennifer Lyons

Design Aficionado

Ashley Gauthier

Graphic Designer

We deliver and do whatever it takes

When you work with us we not only work for you we work with you. Whether it’s chasing down a missing package, vectoring logo’s, fixing your colours or talking you through your pre-speech jitters – we have got you covered. We not only understand but anticipate the challenges presented by producing world-class event branding and having it installed and delivered on time.