Event branding setup by Kick Ass Media

A Kick Ass Media staff member sets up the backdrop for a recent movie premiere.

So: You’ve got an event coming up. You know you need branded signage and backdrops, but everything’s still coming together. You’ve probably had a few meetings about it, but the details are still coming along. Here’s what you need to know about working with us to complete your event’s look:

1) You know your brand. Some clients have their vision down to two sentences. They know what the creative should look like, and can tell us what their brand or sponsors want. They might not know the exact execution, but that’s our job.

2) You know the event details. What time is it? Where is it? Is it happening again? Who’s going to be setting the event up? We’ll ask you more questions to determine the right solution and everything you might need – whether that’s a red carpet, directional signage, or the type of fabric we’ll use in creating your experience.

3) You’re willing to think long-term. Many clients come to us for a single event and end up working with us again and again. Even if you’re only working with us once, we want to make sure we set you up for long-term success with the right materials. Maybe you’ll need fabric that doesn’t wrinkle, or directional signage.

We know that your brand identity needs to be perfect at every event. When you talk to Kick Ass Media about your event, you’re talking to a team of experienced event professionals who’ve seen it all. They’ll ask you about the experience you’re looking to create onsite and make sure there are no surprises.  

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