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BannerStands~X-Banner-Stands~~element90Another popular seller…the X-Banner Stand.
X-Banner Stands are a great entry level part of our banner stands line up.

X-Banner Stand Highlights:

  • Smaller cost effective option
  • Easy to use hardware
  • Block out Vinyl *No Shadows
  • Matte Finish *No Glare Graphics
  • Quick Production item
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee

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X-Banner Stands: The Portable Marketing Solution

X-banner stands are a cheap and effective way to display your banner. They get their name from the ‘x’ shaped stand that holds the banner in place. An X-banner stand is lightweight and easily portable, so they are a convenient way to advertise your business if you are on the move.

X-banner stands are very easy to use and are a simple yet effective design. They are easy to set-up, as there are no complicated or finicky steps required in their assembly; really, there isn’t any assembly at all! They are made with durable metal and carbon fibre tubing, which provides a strong frame for your advert, without being heavy. In addition to this, these banner stands are able to be folded away for easy storage and travel. They will easily fit into a bag when folded up and you can unfold the stand with ease when it is needed again.

The x-banner stand will also allow for alternation between different banner displays and is an ideal option for those who are in need of a smaller display. With the stand weighing less than 4lbs, this is a perfect mobile solution for your advertisement needs.

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