Things to Consider When

Buying a Custom Printed Canopy Tent

Kick Ass Media | Guide to Custom Printed Tents

Creating Memorable Brand Experiences with Custom Printed Tents – Things to Consider

Talk to our event branding experts today and find out which custom printed tents will be your best fit for brand engagement, message amplification, increasing purchase intent or achieving any goal at your next event.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy A Custom Printed Canopy

  1. Timeline: Do I have enough time to get this done?
  2. Inspiration: What am I using this for? What do I want it to achieve?
  3. Design Elements: Who do I have to talk to get the required design elements (logos and graphics)?
  4. Design & Artwork: Who is responsible for designing and approving artwork?
  5. Budget: What is the cost of the display, and is this within my budget?
  6. Vision: Do I need anything other than a tent or canopy for my event?
  7. Touch & Feel: How will the products or services perform and look in person?
  8. Location: How long will it take to create and deliver the tent and flags to my event?
  9. Set-up Tear Down: Is the display hard to set up and can I access the company if I need support?
  10. Guarantee: If the tent does not arrive on time, or does not match my brand colours or expectations, what can I do?



Our Custom Printed Canopies

Are Built with Event Marketers in Mind

  • Full Colour Graphics
  • 4/4 Heat Transfer Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Rugged and Print-Friendly HP Outdoor Tent Material
  • Fade Resistant Inks and Finishing
  • Waterproof & Designed for Rugged Outdoor Use
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum or High Strength Steel
  • Waterproof & Weather Tough Materials
  • Fire Rated | Labelled for Fire Code Rating ULC S 109
  • Tool Free Hardware



Amplify Your Event Message | Ask Your Audience to Share it

On average, every time your audience is exposed to your brand through experiential marketing they share their experience to at least five people in some way. We rarely see this kind of engagement online – Customers in real life are what the tech world calls Brand Ambassadors. Help attract them to your message with a custom printed tent with your logo!