Custom Printed Tent Canopies |  F.A.Q.

Kick Ass Media | Guide to Custom Printed Tents


Do I have enough time to get this done!?

Answer: Typically tents take 2 weeks plus shipping. If you are in a rush it typically takes 5 days production, plus shipping. We won’t make a promise unless we are able to deliver. That’s our guarantee.


I have no idea how to design, order or set one of these up!

Answer: We will walk you step by step through how to design, order and set up and tear down your display. Need some additional on site  support? No problem. We offer affordable and on-site set-up and tear down in Toronto and surrounding areas!


I would love to create a custom tent but I don’t know what I would put on it.

Answer: We suggest your focus on three things, namely how can you best 1) amplify your message, 2) showcase your sponsors and 3) engage your audience and invite them to share their experience. Still unsure? No problem. That’s why we have awesome designers to turn your vision or idea into a reality.

Missing or Bad Quality Logos

Not sure if you are going to be able to gather the logos to create the design that you are envisioning?

Answer: We have access to a huge database of logos and can work with you to help get the right vector logos (EPS, AI or SVG) from your sponsors. If we can find a decent quality version of the logo in most cases our designers are able to simply recreate it!

Tight Budget

It sounds great – but this is simply outside of my budget?

Answer: We have a solution to make it work regardless of whether you are looking to spend hundreds or thousands. Unlike competitors who only offer economy vinyl wall mounted prints, we have a range of mounting and material options. Our trade pricing will make sure you get the most out of every dollar you spend!

What do I need to order?

I want to get started but am not sure what I need.

Answer: In order to get a backdrop into production we need 1) artwork (typically sponsor logos) 2) a desired delivery date and address and 3) Pantone numbers if colour matching is required. If you are on a tight timeline, we always suggest starting by giving us a call. That way we can reserve a spot in the production schedule for you.

Need Accessories

I am looking for so much more than a tent.

Answer: Great! We supply a full range of red carpet accessories in addition to an unbeatable cast of event displays and rentals. Our most popular accessories include stanchions and ropes, red carpets, life sized cutouts and instructional easel boards!

Cost of Shipping

You guys are amazing but I don’t want to pay extra to ship from Toronto.

Answer: In most cases purchasing locally actually costs more – often because the company you are getting it from is getting it from us! The best way to keep costs low in general is to get the order in to us early in order to allow for ground shipping. This typically will mean you will pay under $60 across Canada for your order.

Wacky or High Coverage Art

I haven’t seen your product used in the way I am envisioning using it!

Answer: Awesome – you can have anything you can imagine printed on your tent at no extra cost! Talk to us and we can make sure that we achieve your vision the way you want it.

What if I Break it?

What if I or my team breaks the hardware?

Answer: As long as the part or frame was damaged during normal use (…it didn’t fall off the back of a truck) we will cover the replacement of the part or frame for as long as you own it!

What services do you offer Event Marketers?

We handle the full process of designing, printing, finishing, transporting and setting up displays on site for custom printed tents, marquees and awnings. We also help clients make their event more informative, interactive and engaging by providing:

Event Rentals (barricades, displays, etc)

Event Consultations

Providing On-site Logistical Support

Sourcing or Providing Lighting


Is it mainly Experiential Marketers that buy from you?

We work with clients ranging from large consumer brands to small experiential agencies. There are plenty of ways to create engaging experiences with graphic displays. We try to help anyone who is really passionate about their event and message.  We try to work with people who view themselves as marketers more than planners.

What kind of events do you provide custom printed displays for?

We love big events and this is reflected in a lot of the work we do. That said, small projects often bring with them the most interesting twists and turns. Customers reach out to us whenever they need their event space to have more room to breathe creatively.

What’s your view on budget and timelines?

We know you have looming deadlines, overstretched budgets and a client with standards like Tim Gunn. We are here to help you and that means making your budget and timeline happen.

Can you help with design and layout?

We are here to take work off your plate. This typically means totally handling translating your design and directions into displays that inform, convert and engage customers.

Do you do large format printing?

Our project coordinators know what it takes to create branded spaces that facilitate interaction, brand engagement and create a kick ass experiences. We offer a full line up of large format digital printers and dye sublimation printers to bring your vision to life.