Things to Consider When

Selecting a Custom Printed Tent Supplier

Kick Ass Media | Guide to Custom Printed Tents

A Robust Warranty and Guarantee

Will The Tent Hardware Stand Up to Your Event Schedule?

Your custom printed tent will endure a lot of abuse come event season. That is why, for as long as we carry it, it is covered by a no-cost replacement warranty. Break a clip or snap a pole? Don’t stress – we will replace it at no cost. Send in the broken hardware and we will either fix the part or replace the unit with a refurbished one. Better than that, we will do a full review of the hardware to ensure everything is working as good as new before we send it back to you. Stop the stress – we’ve got you covered! Our custom printed & portable photo backdrops or banners will hit every red carpet step and repeat event you can throw their way.

A Guaranteed Production Timeline

Will Your Tent Be Delivered On-Time Guaranteed?

We know tents are the backbones of your outdoor marketing events and can spell disaster if they don’t show! That’s why we keep you updated at every step – every product is photographed and tracking information is sent to you in advance of shipping. When we commit to a timeline – whether it’s a typical 10 day turnaround or an hour rush print & ship – we make it happen. No matter how far we have to drive, no matter how many times we have to reprint – we will either find a way or make a way! Get a custom printed & portable photo backdrops without the hassle.

Canopy Print Process and Materials

Will Your Colours be Correct and handle the Sun and Rain?

Your tent’s not only have to look great, they have to match your existing print collateral and stand up to the weather and sun that your event throws at them! At Kick Ass Media we are committed to ensuring that your custom printed tent colours are spot on! Whether a spot colour (ie. Pantone) or sample match, we will ensure you and your sponsors’ logos colours stay consistent with other branding collateral.

Custom Printed Canopies and Awnings | Outdoor & Indoor Event Branding

Custom printed canopies and awnings are are a key part of any outdoor event branding strategy. They are a great way to engage audiences and give them a first hand experience of your brand.

Don’t Risk Success at Your Event!

Ask Your Supplier These Questions Before You Buy Your Next Custom Printed Canopy Tent:

12 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Custom Printed Tent Supplier

  1. Will this company provide me with awesome service if something goes wrong?
  2. Does this company have the best price on the products I need?
  3. Will this product best represent the brand while achieving our goals?
  4. Will this impress my boss make me looking like a rock star?
  5. Can I get everything I need in one place?
  6. Can these guys make it happen in time?
  7. What will happen if these guys don’t deliver?
  8. What if the product looks great in photos but bad in person?
  9. Is this the best product for my need?
  10. Is the solutions they offer within my budget?
  11. What if I want it delivered to the venue?
  12. Am I going to be able to set up the display on my event day?

“Exceptional Quality & Service”

At Kick Ass Media we pride ourselves in being champions for truly great event experiences. We work tirelessly with designers, marketers and consumer brands to bring to life some of Canada’s best events and activations.  Over 95% of customers review their experience as having exceptional customer service, products and delivery.