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Informational | Directional | Photo Opportunities | Instructional |Branding| Promotional Take-Aways

Agencies and event planners across Canada rely on Kick Ass Media to brand their events. Whether stand-alone units or direct application to windows, walls or floors, our team has solutions to meet your or your client’s needs. Our stand-alone units are crafted with portability and ease of set up in mind. Our direct application materials are formulated specifically for events – entirely removable without any damage to walls, bars, windows and floors. No matter the product or the application, our team of event experts and designers works with your outcome in mind. When you choose us, we guarantee a truly kick ass experience!

Based on this assessment, we put together an event branding plan that suggests particular solutions to meet the following needs:

Informational| How are you conveying your event’s message to your guests?

Directional | How will people find their way to your event and navigate around it?

Photo Opportunities | What photo opportunities are you staging for your event?

Instructional | Do you need any instructional signage to tell guest what to do at the event?

Branding | How is your brand and your sponsors being showcased?

Promotional Take-Away | What are the guests walking away with from the event?

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Get people talking

Do something fun or outrageous. If you’re going to go to the effort of branding a space, you should always consider your outcome. What do you want your audience to be talking about? Everyone attending an event is looking for an opportunity to engage with other attendees and looking for any excuse to do so. Give people something to talk about and a reason to talk to those around them!

Get people sharing

If the advent of the internet has proven anything it’s that people aren’t afraid to share their experiences. Events are an opportunity to brand your audience’s experiences. Step and Repeats and other branded displays and backdrops are easy ways to get your guests sharing your message and brand with their network.

Amplify you Message

Get advice from an event branding expert! At Kick Ass Media, we are committed to bringing your vision to life. Because of this, we start every job with a thorough event consultation. Based on your event’s location, lighting, size of venue and number of people, our event consultants suggest products and solutions that will work with your event’s theme, budget and desired outcome.

Brand your event | Amplify your message | Showcase your sponsors

The bottom line is the more people are exposed to your event’s message & sponsors, the greater their reach will be. The good news is that your event’s audience wants to share their experience – we help you brand it!