Expand Trade Show Backdrop

Available in 8′ wide and 10′ wide. All units are 8′ tall.

The combination of a stretch fabric print and accordion frame make this an unbeatable option for a trade show backdrop. It sets up in minutes and comes fully assembled.

Compact & Portable

The frame and print all collapse down into a small carrying case which is under 15 pounds and less than 3′ long. The secret is the accordion-style frame and stretch fabric print.

Stretch Fabric Print

Our guaranteed wrinkle and glare-free stretch fabric print comes pre-attached to the frame. Simply pull the frame to size, click in the locks and you’re ready to go!

Seamless & Assembly Free

Unlike other trade show backdrops, our prints are seamless and done on a stretch fabric. The result is not having to hassle with magnetic sections that crinkle and break and a finished looked that doesn’t include a single seam!

What are you waiting for?