We have a really special team over at Kick Ass Media. I know everyone says that, but this REALLY isn’t your average workplace. One Monday, we broke a team record. So, we put on rocker wigs, cranked up 80s music, wrote affirmations on watermelons, and smashed them off the loading dock.

We want you to like this job as much as we like you, so we don’t do a traditional interview at first.

See, we’re not just any workplace. For one, we’re in Prince Edward County, an hour’s drive out of Toronto. (If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a great start.) It’s beautiful country and growing fast, but you have to WANT to be here – which is fine with us.

We’re a small team, like family. We want you to be a full part of that, watermelons and all.

So we don’t really do a traditional interview up front – we’ll do a quick phone call to screen, but we host open houses for you to come in and meet the team. We want you to feel at home. If that goes well for you and us, then we’ll do a more serious interview. Real serious. We may get you to ride a bull, even. That’s how serious.

We look beyond technical ability and sales skills to find staff who can build relationships and fit our culture.

We’ve had people come in who are focused on sales, numbers, hustle – but fail miserably because they don’t have that human touch and they can’t get out of their head and get out of their fear.

It’s taken us a long time to get to this place. That relationship with the client is everything. Compassion is everything.

The result on the other side is someone who can get on the phone, build an unbelievable relationship with someone, know exactly the best way to support them in what they do, and be closing that.

And hustle. Don’t forget the hustle. Those watermelons don’t throw themselves.

The process doesn’t stop once we hire. We want you to know every bit of the business.

During the first week, you’ll spend a week in our production department, hands on with our products. We want everyone to understand what we do and the ways we do them – down to the massive printers.

In the second week, we’ll get you introduced to our customers, their brands, their needs, and their pain points. Then we’ll start working on conversations. Our customers love what we do because we know their needs better than they do; we ask the right questions upfront, and our attention to detail is exhaustive.

We never really stop training. Our sales team does role plays often and reviews scenarios constantly to make sure we’ve done the best we could for every customer.

To get serious for a second, I’m very proud of the dynamic on my team. When people work here, they often find that they’re pushed to grow, to really test the boundaries of what they’re capable of – and not in a workaholic way, because this ain’t that kind of place. This is the kind of place where you find and develop new skills in yourself.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, send me an email with your resume and a few lines about yourself.

— Chris Crawford

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