Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards

24x36_A-Frame_Insertable_193x257Sandwich boards are key for getting street traffic, promoting an open house, or sending a message.
Easy to carry but durable these are the best value for the dollar for curb appeal advertising.

Changeable Metal A-Frame

Key Points:

  • Hardware choices: Lightweight Changeable Metal, Aluminum snap frame or light inexpensive coroplast
  • High quality printing, fast turn-around
  • Easy ordering by phone or email


Coroplast Sandwich Board | Aluminum Snap Frame | Sandwich Board Inserts

Sandwich Boards: Other terms: A-Frames, Sidewalk Signs, A-Board signs. Standard sizing is 24×36, 18×24…Other sizes available on request. All printing is full colour outdoor grade weather proof material.

Choose your sandwich board hardware based on the use: If it’s outdoor getting blown over and taking abuse on the street, select the heavier metal frame. If it’s an indoor directional, choose a lighter weight frame. If you would like to be able to change the message on a regular basis, choose one that allows that option.

Sandwich Board design: We can print your artwork or create a design for you. We recommend using minimal graphics to keep it clean and easy to read. Clear photo’s are a good option as well. Our designers can help you figure out what to have on your sandwich board.

Pick up or delivery: You have the option to either pick up or have us deliver to your door, our delivery rates are very inexpensive and often are the easiest bet.

Timeline: Our production is usually within a week, if you require something sooner let us know.

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