the expand step and repeat

At Kick Ass Media, we have worked tirelessly to formulate the perfect combination of material and hardware. Our expand system brings together stretch fabric material banners with portable and preambled frames. The combination ensures that you will have both an easy setup and tear down along with great looking glare and wrinkle-free photographs. These are more than just banners or a wall on which to display sponsors’ logos. Step and repeats are the hassle-free secret weapons in your event marketing arsenal.

Accordion Frame

Leave the print on the step and repeat banner frame and set it up without wrinkles

You will look like a rock star!

Our Prints are Fabric

This will ensure the prints on your banners show up 100% glare-free when photographed

Your photographer will look like a champ!

Our Fabric is Stretchy

This ensures you will have a perfectly flat and wrinkle-free backdrop

Your sponsors will love you!

Colour Matched and on Time, Every Time

Stop hoping and start expecting your event branding elements to show up on time.

Guaranteed Production & Timelines | Pantone and Swatch Matching | Unbeatable Service


Kick Ass Media’s portable step and repeat banners and modular accessories are designed to adapt to your changing needs from event to event. Use one banner for a photo wall at your Toronto gala and then easily change the banner’s graphics without having to update the frame for your Montreal corporate event. This is a huge plus because we have a lifetime warranty on the frame.


Renting a step and repeat backdrop is an ideal option for a one-off event. We make the choice between buying and renting super easy – if you pay in full upfront for a package, you can return the frame for your step and repeat banner after the event and only pay the price of renting!


Step & repeat banners are the hallmark of red carpet events and a great way to showcase sponsors and engage your audience. Along with creating photo opportunities, a step and repeat wall is a great opportunity to showcase an event’s major sponsors. Typically, step and repeats are used as photography backdrops and are lined with a red carpet and stanchions. While traditionally used at red carpet galas, these banners are increasingly being used at entrances of signature occasions, product launches, live activations and corporate affairs.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Ready, set, step and repeat!

Toronto and other North American event marketers can get their hands on the revolutionary systems that will take their event branding to a whole new level – for less!


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