Get Noticed – For the right reasons!

Getting your product to stand out in the sea of vendors at trade shows is crucial. At KA Media, we are constantly thinking about how to help our clients stand out. With dozens of products and solutions designed for use at trade shows, it is hard to navigate the best solution for an individual’s needs.  We talk to our clients about their needs and then present a solution that best suits them.

We make looking like a big deal no big deal.

High Impact | Compact & Portable | Easy to Assemble


All of our backdrops are designed with trade shows in mind. Both our Quick Click and Expand backdrops come in both flat and curved configurations. Both are print in full colour on a stretch fabric. This ensures that no matter how the frame and materials are stored, you will be ready for your next trade show – wrinkle, glare and hassle-free!

Tables & Throws

Our expand counters expand to size and can be set up in minutes. They are a great option if you don’t have a table available. When you do have a table present, nothing beats a table throw or combination of table cloth and runner. No matter your preference, we offer a solution to fit your needs.

Banner Stands

Offering all the options you can imagine!

Make a Big Impression for Less

Trade show displays are available in a variety of sizes and designs. The specifications are up to you, personally, so that you get every say in how your display looks. Whether you need a big banner to really catch people’s attention or a small one to fit neatly with the rest of your business’ advertising props and materials, Kick Ass Media can provide you with exactly what it is that you’re looking for. You will be in control of the design process of your trade show booth displays right down to the last detail, so getting exactly what you want and need is easy.

Tradeshows are great places for business people to share ideas and to promote an individual company’s products and services. Make sure you’re maximizing the time you spend at these events by using your booth to draw in new customers and alert existing customers as to what’s new with your business. With custom trade show displays in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, or any other place in Canada, you will reach far more people than you could ever hope to speak with personally, informing them about your business and enticing them to learn more. Let your booth do the talking! With Kick Ass Media’s inexpensive and high quality trade show displays, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and other trade shows in Canada will be the successful marketing opportunities you need them to be.

In case your banner will be placed in an area where poor or fluorescent lighting could affect the clarity of the images and text, trade show displays are made with unique, specialized inks and materials so that no shadows or glare will cover your display. When it comes to buying trade show displays in Canada, we ensure the branding materials at your booth are set and ready to make the best possible impression.

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