I’m obsessed with creating experiences.

When I created Kick Ass Media, I wanted a company committed to an experience and a solution, not just whether your backdrop hangs straight. We want an event to feel right for you; to feel that we understand your brand as well as you do. My biggest fear is that our clients don’t understand just how much we’re willing to do for them – that we’re not just saying this to close a sale.

This attitude extends to everyone we have relationships with. When we switched our delivery company a little while back, and the new delivery guy arrived, our whole staff met him at the door and gave him a fortune cookie that says “I see a kick ass experience in your future.” Just to create an experience.

Here’s a few things we think about when we’re creating your Kick Ass Experience:

  • The “blown away” index. We want you to be impressed. We’re constantly looking for new materials and new ways to innovate our products. We noticed our clients were transporting our backdrops around between events and needing to get rid of wrinkles, so we found a new fabric that doesn’t wrinkle when folded.
  • Fast, guaranteed delivery. The most important part of your Kick Ass Experience is having one. We track shipments and watch for delivery to make sure you have what you need in time.
  • Getting your brand identity right. We want you to feel like your event materials are a natural extension of everything else you do. Perfect execution is our only option. We’ll stage your backdrop in our studio and send you high-quality photos so you know exactly how it’ll look during your event.

This is what we’re going for:

“I’ve been dealing with print companies for about 5 years now, and in that time, I have not come in contact with a company that has got all three things behind their name: quality product, customer service and reasonable pricing. Until this week, when I got all three in spades from Kick Ass Media.”

I can’t sing their praises loud enough or high enough.”

That was an actual review posted on our Facebook page this month. Will you be our next #KickAssClient? Contact our team here.

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